Public Safety

As I’ve watched, listened, and educated myself on all things public safety, it’s clear that our attempted solution to public safety concerns in the last decade has been focused on presence. And on that note, I’m proud of the hard work that cities like Redding and Anderson have done to increase the presence of law enforcement. However, put simply: presence isn’t enough. 

Presence does not stop the revolving door. 

Presence does not roll out sustainable medically assisted treatment programs. 

Presence does not build facilities that require collaboration between law enforcement and social services. 

And these are the things (sustainability, treatments and programs, collaborative facilities) we desperately need and the things I’m committed to continue to fight for; getting the key players around the table to find creative solutions to create real, lasting change. Yes, we need more deputies and more beds. Yes, we have a homeless crisis. Yes, there is a solution. We just need to find it. Together.

Accomplishing that going forward is going to take someone who is willing to push for dialogue between agencies and jurisdictions. We need to leave egos at the door, we need to empower department leaders, and we need to work together. And when a decision is made, the appropriate parties MUST be held accountable for their decisions and their responsibilities. This county and these problems belong to all of us and I’ll continue to step up. Public safety has been of extreme importance during my time on the council and will remain a priority in a supervisor role.